— Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Premiere, 2011


— V&A, Screening, London, 2012

Project by Post Works' Melissa Appleton and Matthew Butcher with Edwin Burdis


No Stop, Statue, Machine is the first major collaboration between Melissa Appleton, Matthew Butcher (Post Works) and artist Edwin Burdis. Premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London , the film and sound work present a notional urban landscape where fragments of a familiar city are anthropomorphized and abstracted to form an assemblage of characters, props and sets.  Exploring themes of architecture, the city and performance, No Stop, Statue, Machine presents a world where buildings weep at the change in the weather, infrastructures conduct people’s thoughts instead of facilitating movement, and staircases become machines for endless exercise. 

Cinematography: Giulietta Verdon-Roe
Editing: Michael Aaglund
Voices: Kieron Livingstone & Antoinette Fernandez
Typography: Mark El-Khatib